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10 Best Places to Visit in New York State

diverse and fun places new york state is more than entertainment bright lights and world class big apple museum explore the city that never sleeps
a delightfully diverse place new york state is much more than just the bright lights entertainment and world-class museums of the big apple exploring the city that never sleeps is a must but visitors that venture further afield will come across wonderful wineries and natural attractions gorgeous lakes charming college towns upstate and even world famous waterfalls beckon outside of the famous metropolis here's a look at the best places to visit in new york state.


10. Buffalo

on the edge of lake erie buffalo is the second biggest city in the state it's a city that offers great food a busy life sports schedule and a revitalized waterfront that has become the center of local life for travelers buffalo doesn't have to be a short stop on the way to niagara falls take your time exploring a lively downtown home to delicious chicken wings a burgeoning craft beer scene and wonderful architecture later join locals for the iconic tailgate at a buffalo bills game or watch the sabers carve up the ice in the national hockey league


9. lake placid

Tucked amidst the adirondack mountains, this year-round tranquil lake resort town has long been a popular place to visit and it's easy to see why and with its stunning views it offers a number of great outdoor activities and even hosted the 1932 Olympics. and 1980. winter synonymous with snow sports due to its proximity to the mountains, the city also has some great hiking and mountain biking to enjoy in the summer months in addition to nearby lakes and waterways that offer great swimming and kayaking with ice skating that can be enjoyed. obtained when they freeze water in winter

letchworth state park

8. Letchworth State Park

known for its delightful waterfalls and dramatic cliffs the letchworth state park has outstanding outdoor activities for nature lovers to enjoy centered around the genesee river's gorge you can find verdant woods scenic viewpoints and over 50 waterfalls as its walls are so steep and reach 550 feet in places it is often called the grand canyon of the east particularly impressive are its three largest upper middle and lower falls which make for some fabulous views and photos thanks to the umpteen activities and spellbinding scenery it is routinely ranked among the best state parks in the country

The Catskills

7. The Catskills

home to stunning views, the catkills is another very popular place to explore within an hour's drive from new york city you can find yourself between rugged mountains, wild and rural places due to the serene and secluded nature many tourists come for hiking, biking and camping amid its vast forests and valleys, great winter sports and wildlife viewing are also possible, while the rivers and lakes are perfect for fishing and white water rafting. Woodstock is perhaps the most famous town in the catkill for the iconic music festival it is named after.

Watkins Glen State Park

6. Watkins Glen State Park

located in the finger lake region at the southern end of seneca lake is watkins glen state park if you want to get out and see some phenomenal scenery then this is the perfect destination a narrow gorge that cuts through the park creating stunning views from the trails, on the edge in the stretch a mile and a half you will pass 19 different waterfalls in the summer there are opportunities for outdoor swimming and fishing excursions are also a popular pastime in the backcountry. camping grounds are also available but many visitors prefer to relax at local inns after a day of hiking and sightseeing in the great outdoors.

Hudson River Valley

5. Hudson River Valley

as the name suggests the hudson river valley runs along the hudson road from troy and albany in the north all the way to westchester in north new york city, most of this area is farmland offering rural views, organic local wineries and artisan cheese makers galore, there are also Farmer's Market Place which is the center for selling staple foods throughout the district. Many chefs from New York City choose to head to the Hudson River Valley to open farm-to-table restaurants so you don't have to go far to find a great restaurant in a stunning rural setting.

Fire Island

4. Fire Island

the serene and sandy island of fire runs parallel to the south coast of long island while much of it is protected as from the seasonal resort community the national beach hangs along the barrier island as most activities and hotels are closed in winter most people go to the island during the summer months . sunny summer months later you can sunbathe swimming and sailing on protected beaches or surf the rougher side of the Atlantic, the former whaling base has several interesting historical sites and impressive natural places to see including the fire island lighthouse old. fantastic and submerged jungle atmosphere.

Thousand Islands

3. Thousand Islands

close to the canadian border is the island of a thousand beautiful places created where the saint lawrence river meets lake ontario, this island group is known as a rich and famous vacation spot but is an accessible place for all types of tourists, a stunning castle situated in the bay of alexandria , take the time to take a boat tour that winds along the river and allows you to see some of the stunning mansions overlooking the water.

Niagara Falls

2. Niagara Falls

Located on the border between Canada and Niagara Falls USA is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world consisting of American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls, the endless gushing walls of water seem to stretch on forever, while the various observation decks on the The surrounding waterfalls offer spectacular views. and stunning panoramas, you really need to take the boat trip below to fully understand how big and powerful Niagara Falls is which never fails to amaze and every year millions of people come to see its size and beauty. extraordinary.

New York City

1. New York City

The jewel in the crown of the United States when it comes to urban areas of New York is a truly huge city full of iconic regional places and buildings. the city features in the hollywood movies there is central park empire state, the grand building, central station times square even the five boroughs that made nyc famous then there is a korean culture city some chinatown small italian remnants and communities from jews to african american made new york city a world real make rich people gather here from all over the world

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